Artificial Intelligence (ML or DS), their Effect and we need to Educate

Artificial Intelligence (ML or DS), their Effect and we need to Educate

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Kamran Mansoor
·Nov 10, 2021·

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Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • I would rather or definitely say: "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is LOVE"

The things that it actually already is used in now, and do look forward to seeing what the potentials will be in our future.

But I only worry that we as humans let it do things we use to do fully and independently, that literally we improved on doing over time. Like driving, flying, cooking.

To where that if humans essentially let AIs fully take over and do to where we eventually reach a point where AI does all the time, and humans no longer even learn do themselves much less improve the skill doing.

People Need to be Educated

machine learning - robots - machines.jpg Look what happens with auto pilots in planes and a malfunction happened, the end result was those pilots didn't know how to power off the auto-pilot Plus the auto-pilot essentially fought against the pilots trying to correct the danger. The pilots also couldn't do the override fast enough either.

Balanced between AI and Humans Jobs

artificial intelligence and humans.jpg The thing is that we need to balance AI and human work together. As for we have seen this scenario at Tesla Company: Almost have 10,000 Employees and also they have automated system, but still they have maintain a great value of Balance between Robots and Humans. Humans can do tasks that Robots can't and there's also tasks that may be difficult or may be time consuming for humans. So, jobs like will definitely be done by Robots(Machines).

Needless to say they weren't abled to right the situation, and all people on that flight perished. What happens if some malfunction happens, and people have in some way not learned some necessary information, learn and perfect the hypothetical malfunction, and all it may have taken is knowing where an emergency brake, or regular break is located and depress that lever.

I don’t know if what I'm getting at makes sense, but ya.

Ya, we can only get to the point if we educate more and more people what AI is? And after that, I and you can make.


But at last, I would say is best thing that already is in between our life and will do much more adopt many things but for not bad as most people say “AI & ML is danger” but it’s not really like that. It would be like Machine could do things what human can’t and help diagnose disease that human might be able to do it within 10 years, less or more, not confirm.

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